"Edge of the World"

We're on a family trip to seek out the edge of the world
We load up the car full of junk and set off down the road
Head pressed against glass watching days quickly pass and grow old
Not sure of the way but we'll get there someday I was told

Do all the lights intertwine at the edge of the world?
I tell my mommy "I'm a lucky girl to be alive"

We pull up the car and welcome the breeze in our hair
But the sea lapses shore and seasons the condеnsing air
Clouds swirl around and the rain patters down in despair (air)
Wе look for a sign but our hearts knew that no one was there

And the thunder erupts at the edge of the world
I wonder if I am the luckiest girl to be alive

We found small plastic shells and held them in our tiny hands
The sea bit my ankles and gifted me old rubber bands
Rainbow reflections quell hard to my skin and remain
Barnacles peeled into rock pools and drifted away
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