Talm Bout


[Intro: Lil Shxwn & Famous.Twinsss]
b*t*h, go there that hoe that was mad about a n***a
Where b*t*h where?
Right there b*t*h, you don’t see that hoe?
Hold on, what y’all on, what y’all on?
I’m gon beat yo ass hoe, yeah
You gon do what?
Beat her ass
Aw why you trippin with her?
Don’t do that, don’t do that
Cause yeah b*t*h

[Hook: Lil Shxwn & Famous.Twinsss]
b*t*h I throw them bands and throw them hands, f**k you talking bout
b*t*h I f**k yo man then take his bands then I’m walking out
Bet not catch yo scary ass outside cause it’s straight on sight
I bet not catch yo scary ass outside b*t*h it’s on sight
f**k you and yo crew, yo momma too, what you tryna do?
We brought them guns through, guns drew, what you tryna do?
We in the parking lot, choppas out, f**k you talm bout
You better walk it out, fo this 30’s get to sparking out

[Pre Verse: Lil Shxwn & Famous.Twinsss]
Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye
Aye, Ayе, Aye, Aye
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