Hood b*tch (Choppa Mix) lyrics


These n***as toilet tissue soft
I’m the hardest out six
And if you got pressure, n***a
Don’t mind me when I pull up with the stick

And I never been a clout chaser
You n***as be on my d**k
You cap ass n***as is not slick
(You cap ass n***as is not slick)

You’s a opp b*t*h
Have my n***as slide down yo block with the chopsticks
Left hand, right hand, you get mopped bich
Guess that mouth got you into trouble
With them big sticks
You got popped in yo sh*t
That’s right I f**ked yo ho
You got a tag on yo toe
And b*t*h you pu**y and you bump and that is on big bro
You got a target on yo back
Yeah b*t*h you under attack
How u talkin’ all that sh*t when you know you really cap
We’ll take you off the map
Right into a body bag
I’m wearin’ air force ones
And I ain’t even run no laps
You talk sh*t, I count racks
You be cappin’, I state facts
I’m thе top, you the bottom
b*t*h I’m fly like a bat
Anybody wanna fight?
On my life, I want thе smoke
b*t*h, I put that on yo kids
And yo baby daddy throat
And you know he ate my cat
And he ate it from the back
Then he took me to the mall
I made that n***a spend a stack
Tell that hoe "don't call my phone"
'cause that b*t*h, she out of place
b*t*h, he let me drive your car
He coming home, he on the way
On my life, you n***as green
And you know it's "f**k the law"
All you n***as got that sh*t
And I can't f**k you n***as raw
Tell that b*t*h she better move
'cause you know I'm with the sh*t
Count money, turn me on
You hoes can have that petty d**k
No, I had to write a song
No, I had to drop a diss
So you better leave me 'lone
Before you end up in a ditch
Make yo folks say "R.I.P"
Heard you stay on D.I.P
And a hoe can talk her sh*t
But ain't no hoe gon' f**k wit me
These b*t*hes toilet tissue soft
I'm the hardest out the A
And if you got pressure, b*t*h
Drop your addy on the way

Cap ass hoe
You cap as f**k talkin' 'bout
You got 50 racks on our head
Cut that sh*t out, b*t*h
You ain't talkin' 'bout sh*t, on God
You just talkin' 'bout how you
Went to ATL and Orlando
b*t*h, cut that sh*t out
Pull up, hoe. Pull up, pull up
We all want the smoke
Yeah, yeah, yeah, b*t*h

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