Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Richard Pryor
[Instrumental Intro]

[Verse 1: Pink Siifu]
In hindsight, I'mma prolly die like this
Step out fly bumping Me and My B*t*h type fit
Shoes all white, them forces
What Nelly say, this 4 my day 1’s, n***as in A’1s type sh*t
Raise a light like everyday; pray, worship
Pour a toast for the Gods in the moments
Keep it real you living lies I’m all here all the time
This sh*t here took time, still on the grind
Hustle all on my mind, n***a stuck on the grind
He did a bid took his time to the chin, no lie given
That's my n***a, f**k's missin'>
I’m cut different, she f**k different
The grits mixing, I’m stuck drifting
Waking up to the birds whistlе
Papa moving birds so we can keep living
Nowadays it make sensе if the sh*t add up
My n***a Richard with the fire on the block, that’s us
Driveway match us

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Verse 2: Fly Anakin]
Yeah, what you want me on? Real life in the chromosomes
Off a couple zones, writing this one in the twilight
Vibe right, plotted out the game plan same night
Keep it tight b*t*h, my generation in the vice grips
Light it up get your pockets in touch
The magic conch told him hang it up
Early retirement as f**k, play fighting broke her rotator cuff
The radiator conked out at your baby mama spot sh*t rough
Still cracking it, OnlyFans account you was backing it
Jacking it wasting our money while they was stacking it
The captain said "Simon gon point you to wear them baggies is"
Uncle Sam gave me his hand I put the cash in it
They taxing my existence and paying for yo listens
My brother’s culture cypher spread awareness like a sickness
The way my city setup we don’t never have a witness
And all that other bullsh*t never add up with the litmus

[Sample Outro]