Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Fly Siifu’s Voicemail
Thanks for calling Fly Siifu Records where we sell records, what the hell you want boy?

Man I gotta take a sh*t. Oh yo, yeahhhhhh you f**king calling Fly Siifu Records and Tapes. But we also buy and sell CDs, CDs, CDs, PlayStations, Nintendos in the game space you want-uh, my homie Mark got some weed in the back, if you need that. We ain't got to smoke anything, and weed legal, you know? No warrants, nobody coming to get us
But yeah, come for a look, get yourself yknow. Might get you a new record
Got the new, got the new, we got a lot of new sh*t for you
Yknow, got the new Liv.e, got the new [?] yknow what I'm saying?
We got some [?]
Got a lot of things in this store yknow what I'm saying?
Got some sh*t for the sisters, b*t*hes, hoes, kings and queens yknow what I'm saying?
All the n***as involved
So yeah
Come tap in yknow
Show love yknow, bring somebody
Bring your baby, bring a [?] bring some diapers yknow this sh*t everywhere
Fly Siifu Records and Tapes yknow, do an extra beat n***aaaa
Get on this sh*t
Fly Siifu Records and Tapes, if you not a n***a you can't say n***a but pull up my n***a