Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Foisey’s Interlude
[Verse: 1 $ilkmoney]
They hung another n***a up yesterday
They killed little black woman again then, let her Cracker killers walk away
I know, I know, It's all the same
I never said that it would result in change
But all I'm saying, me and your black a** should blow up the New York Stock Exchange
The block hot like it's some pots and pans, so I copped a box of blueprints to the Federal Reserve, n***a
So yeah, me and you should draw up some plans
All the A-listers from Epstein's Island kept being quiet
And, stеps being wired from ankle dеvices
You lying b*t*h, you don't got no motherf**king virus
I've seen it all before and add up like a 3 and a 1
Won't see me knee-deep in a 23 and 1 unless the scheme been done
Heat seeking V2's we got from the Nazi's my team gonna need them a bunch
We the demon bunch
Come through and clean you up and won't leave a crumb
Not even sneaker tongues
B*t*h a** n***a, suck my d**k

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]