Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Open up Shop
[Verse 1: Pink Siifu]
Uh sh*t
Uh, yeah
Be honest, cold for below, heat polish
C*m shawty flow, she faucet
Sleet rain snow, we the hard hit
We on your wall, get off that
Get off, look
Car parked, so many thief n***as
Goats, Kings, Queens, believers they say "Soul be the keeper"
I see demons, I see treason in reach
You reaching
How you gone do that like that, like that, when I see it?
N***as act like they wasn’t where we be at
Pillow talking with feedback, chaotic
All bout cash, never off topic, I hear you
All that other delay weird to me
Little something I show my n***a here
This heat, weed and Hennessy trio, G
Enemies mirror me, try to see
I see through (Me too)
My n***as riding like all I see in the rear view
Open up shop at the venue
Come through

[Chorus: Pink Siifu + Fly Anakin]
Open up shop at the venue (Yo, yo)
Come through, come through (Slide through)
Open up shop at the venue
Come through, come through

[Verse 2: Fly Anakin]
Peep the gold black man, they keep the platinum
I’m here to let you know everything you want can happen
Since we made it with this rapping and been stacking it
You still been capping and we laugh at your establishment
Gangsta sh*t for gents and the b*t*hes
She enlisted and sucking me every visit
We a long way from Richmond, just tapping on the sickness
Need a witness, come get this fitness
The weed been litted since I lifted, I like to kiss it
The kid prolific as sh*t
Peace to blackfist, f**k a list, we persist
Through the most, villainous, surf the coast feeling it
Overload, hit ya b*t*h, soul for soul that ain’t it
Poked her nose with the d**k
Fold my clothes with your fist, love
No happy ever after from the club i ain’t crazy what it was
You can loathe if you must
Yo, yo