Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
One Hit Moo Skit
Yo this like my third time calling y'all n***as
Y'all ain't picking up
I was like tryna be respectful but now y'all n***as got me hot
I just need a couple records, B
I don't need nothing too crazy
I need that Jimmy Cozier, I said Jimmy Cozier
I'm talking bout that "She's all I got although she nag me?"
I just need the single, I don't need the album
I never heard another song by that n***a
I just need the single, so lemme get that Jimmy Cozier
Let me get that J Dilla; Welcome to Detroit
And let me get that, uh, Stevie Wonder Innervisions with Golden Ladies
And um "Don't you worry 'bout a thing, baby" I just need that
Plеase can y'all n***as hit me back?
My name's Moruf, that's M-O-R-U-F
I just need somе records, B