Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
[Verse 1: Fly Anakin]
It’s the common man getting pinned by the system under my God’s hands
Believe the truth where you feel it, never forget your plans
Leave it all in the open, pushing past up the mans
As we keep it motivated to keep the patience
While hoping for multi millions, I was still pushing pesos
The biggest loser seeking profits rise and prophesised to fly
I seen it all through these hazy eyes, praying on my demise
You n***as sodomise, show boaters, shifty like show promoters
You know you owe us n***a, cold fish pushing boulders n***a
Focus got you open, now you loc’in, b*t*h, you bogus
I been tryna make it locked where there's oil base
With pa**ed out paintings, from tryna cult for your favorite
Ducking the Jakes like David [?]
Speak up boy, you bragged open between us
Call to clean up, charged up the jets soon as they seen us

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]
If you ain’t go no branch, don't need for no wood, great
That’s as real as it’ll be, it’s either that or a G
I can’t explain, she ain’t hoe, she a freak
I ain’t that n***a, I’m just all about cheese
She understand, no label, no need
All about expansion, so above all, get it any means, we demand it
Calm n***a, fine n***a, just snakes biding the way
Don’t let em get in your man brain, I keep the dead ‘fore I wake
My sense left for day, what more can I say?
How much can I say? Who can I pray for?
So much to pay for, we find a way
Where can I lay my a** down? We figure that out my n***a, pick a day
We max out, n***a working, no late, okay, every day
24, Started rapping at 21
Either that or 22
Sh*t, one for me, one for you

[Outro: Pink Siifu]