Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Waiting to Get Shot
[Intro: Fly Anakin]
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Fly Anakin]
Ravishing, it's hard to tell what type of bag he in
I move dope with a paintbrush, toast to the fabricant
Making magic and toking the baddest sh*t in land with the spliffs tall as my man
Sh*t was hurting my hand
Collect soul and the bread, he as quick as a n***a can
Riding stole, it’s some nice sh*t tinted out with the band
If you that n***a then broaden your decision
Make the skills, count the mills, change the world if you ill
So what's the deal, you real?
They talk the talk every problem concealed, apologise
B*t*h it's coming soon, I know, I got some room to blow
This book of soul captivate your feds from the door
N***as all broke, b***on mashing
Smash the dominos like it’s the God flow
I know you tired of thinking 'bout me hoe
Hit Murciélago, flick me up and [?]

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]
Tight plan, take out the bread
In and out, move as fast as you can, now the chase, you looking just like feds
I know the style of my people, they bled
White faces, I need all mine dead, I heard what he said
Let God talk, let God talk, my n***a wanted that dead
That black vest, he said he wanted that red[?]
I want all black like my b*t*h riding in
She say "You n***as is rats, n***a just like peers" we cutting out the fat
Tell Chase and then rap, race pace where I'm at
Ain't got time to relax
Momma need racks, Poppa need racks, we betting that
It's still here, this the track, we adapt
They number their head, demons stay on my back, look at that
'Member when Piper was peeled popping them back, look at that
We on the map black, we on the map, all about to react
Swimming uphill, water chasing me back for the money
Keep a dumb b*t*h waving the cash
Gotta go