Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Time Up
[Verse 1: Fly Anakin]
I swear I've sinned enough for three n***as
Can't [?], bring the dream to the surface before I'm lifted
F**k the pimping, I be everywhere with it, copped a Civic and lived it
Up like the smoke, laughing while I stroke through the most
'Cause we ain't know no better
We [?] to go smoke and go bad, but I love the weather
In my hand like feather, I ain't tripping over sh*t I can't control
Flipped the mattress whole, common folks don't know the codes
[?] mother don't cash expense, the money was rinsed
Protect me like a fish, what's the extent of my pa**ion b*t*h?
Making real attempts, sh*t, in the boat like [?]
Losing my mind in this whole time
The final moments got the devil expelled, his plan failed
When he get [?], so now we going through hell
Yeah, we got your b*t*h
Keep my n***as confident, compliment the way that I'm made
N***a you see the change of oil and sh*t?
It was a quarter pa**, laughable
We don't laugh at jokes no more, we can't afford to [?] the law
It's that raw
I got the loyal b*t*h to keep me [?]
Never force, but I need for you to be at the door before

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]
What you say to a n***a who want it all? Go get it
It's all hunger, I'm probably with him
We just tryna stay peace above madness, back when n***as was doing the most for the most 'cause we ain't have it
This for my n***as in they caskets, still fly
All we know is it's cash in hand, do or die
On the road I've been travelling, baggage in all and wherever in the planet
Blood, me and the God posted, I'm all knowing
I'm on the cusp, shuddering the cut like "Wa**up?"
By the [?] light, Shawty wa**up?
At the edge, falling far, you never jump
Running in place, take it easy, always gotta breathe
They sending shots, I don't even know how to release
Every n***a don't get their hands shaken, bread break overseas
Y'all need the vibe, trust I got a fist, what's made up?
N***as lost hair glitching, who supplied us?
No love, no question, we gon' ride mud
I was told "Stay silent till the time up"
Know my hand cut, like I know the way
Sh*t always change, remember stay out the way