Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
3 Dope Boys
[Verse 1: Pink Siifu]
Yeah, pay me for time, pay me no mind
Pay me mind, n***as [?] on drive
Stacking recline, head crazy, car moving, city outside
Lights dim [?] pa**ing me by
Make it look easy for those outside eyes
[?] pay me no mind, just dollar signs
[?] just wanna be between lines
Bumping Nip' Hussle, stuck on the ground/grind
Stuck on the ground/grind, stuck on the ground/grind, stuck on the ground/grind
Been there too many times, we still ride
All I had in the times me and my b*t*h and my thoughts
Me and my partners, my d**k [?] my [?]
Sell that sh*t using not making enough off, money off
I know exhaust, I know time, I know [?] in the spots
I know timе, like I know loss
Burned up my soul, getting brokе too many nights
Speaking of price, handouts, give me my time
Jumping on stairs, scream in your face, those were the nights that go
Even though I ain't know half the words
Still got that time that's fillin', it's that n***as gon' always be feelin' like they mamas chillin'
We like them kinfolk, that bullsh*t over that [?] ramen
[?] play that, like where they do that [?]
Who they huh, shoutout the city that raised me
Everyday, not them n***as that can't say for the cell
Rest in power, [?] 5.13 still play
When you on the grind ain't enough hours we can't sleep
That's for real

[Verse 2: Fly Anakin]
Yeah yeah
How you feel
Ayy, ayy, yeah
My little pink toe no tiptoe
She got the wave on
Watching my moves ever so gently stuck in limbo
She [?] smarter than me
Put my life in it the right [?] 'cause I spend this for the unloved
We tote [?]
Kiss the slug on the way [?] the way back
[?] had the [?] at the bottom of the play pen
[?] but that ain't no better, the price of black leather sprinkled on the top of forever
I had to [?] the weatherman, getting crack [?] and leave me be
It's like a BNE, kick sh*t [?] then leave
I been in bed [?] can't sleep, just caught this piece
I gotta get high f**k the real me
The world [?]
[?] in the gold [?]
[?] jokes on yo fake a**
N***a [?] ayy
Why you talk fast wait
We need more bags hey
We been on that
Late to the function 'cause f**k n***as is still coming bussing [?] lil' [?]
[?] that's McLovin'
I got heat for n***as like you
Every time we stop spiteful you catch a rifle
[?] he Michael
85 ain't the right percent, that's the white goal
Promise to myself to the death I cannot fold
[Verse 3: 3wayslim]
Peace FlySiifu
My shoelaces cut, it's hard to walk at all
Alhamdulillah, pray for the [?] I throw a Molotov
Remember I toss, hurt feelings I had the optional
I know through my thoughts, ancestors hear screams across the hall
I know I'm possessed, been on a mission to yo' [?]
We got a gridlock, I know my pops stepping with me
I've been around the block, remember days locked in the slammer
I heard a b*t*h drop, so had to [?] channel now we on Silver Speed taking hands off for these [?] trapped in the guillotine
Poverty stricken we paralyzed, n***as can't feel a thing
To my empathy at 16, I see my only pa** is around here unannounced
He got his [?] blast, left all regrets in the past
Ain't take the fast route, blessin' off an ounce of the gra**
I almost pa**ed out, hara**ers, freedom coming as slow as mola**es
Know I came to get it in blood I'm not a pacifist
FlySiifu sh*t