Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
[Intro: Pink Siifu]
Two dope n***as in a Lexus
Two Cadillacs and a Lexus
Two dope n***as in the, look
Hit me with the [?] don't stop
[?] off yo' top
Lil' n***a I'm [?] I'm [?]
[?] always on my mind
[?] Kiki [?]
I'm [?] I'm [?]
Hey baby chill look action that's yo' mind
I got everything you seek [?]
Baby baby I'm [?]
I'm [?]
I bet she [?] back in time
[?] that's too much [?]
Baby n***a I'm scared
I'm staying
[?] girlfriend don't mind
[?] perfume [?]
Uh, stay
[?] she [?]
[?] I'm [?] out [?]
Baby I'm [?]
Shawty, gone

[Verse 1: Fly Anakin]
Two dope boys in a Lexus
Two bad b*t*hes in the backseat
Two dope boys in a Lexus
Two bad b*t*hes in the backseat
Yup, if you live what I [?]
Raised on the hill that's [?]
You [?] it's been a while since we [?]
God bless if you can [?]
[?] to the [?]
[?] parakeet [?]
[?] b*t*h
[?] was heavy in they segment
We smoking on some pyrotechnics
Got [?] on my [?]
[?] take your Netflix
No time to play in the rain, we gots bills now
[?] get down, and sit down
Y'all n***as [?]
Smoking big [?]

[Verse 2: Big Kahuna OG]
3 racks [?] in the backseat
I'm [?] whoever asked
[?] my church
I used to show up with the three sixes leavin' 'em hurt
Remember [?] the f**k
Ayo drive through the [?] on my way to the shop
[?] before I was hot
Back when Aaliyah make me scroll up [?]
Next thing you know she live streaming throwing up [?]
[?] not one
[?] Ain't got one
Smoking [?] the top gone
If I walk on this beat I know I could make you cry
F**ked off the bed last night [?]
Paid a couple bills for the b*t*h, she say I saved her life
You need to chill, yeah you cutting this sh*t real close
The opps down but they cut it to a field goal
Her mom's proud got you f**kin' with young
[?] then I hit a swish in the front, I can't help it