Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
Tha Divide
[Intro: ZelooperZ]
It's so hard
Swear to God, it's so hard
It's so hard

[Verse 1: ZelooperZ]
Want me to feel good? I just can't
Want me to smoke good? This sh*t stank, uh
She shake that a**, yeah she gyrate
Want me to take my time, I just can't, uh
With the bombshell like Pearl Harbour
I might get that money before I curl up in the coffin
They think I'm rapping but I'm just talking
They think I'm playing Hopscotch but I'm just chalking, uh
Only f**k with hoes with pretty t**s
I'm smoking green it ain't incubus, uh, yeah
She think she smart but she illiterate
He pop her acne try to blemish him, uh
My name in her mouth like synonyms and cinnamon
Can you tell me wherе the kibitz is?
I hear your music and that sh*t ain't it
Wherе is the feeling is? Tell me where the limit is?
Where I'm from, yeah it's cold, frostbit, uh
Little b*t*h we love, yeah we tossed em, uh
My n***a cut the H on the saucer, uh
That n***a flew in here on a saucer, yeah

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]
Face froze, got your jaw out
Look at this sh*t, cause and effect
I lost interest soon as you stepped in
I seeded them all, I see how it is
You know what it is
Lotta lights, too many blacks
Treating thoughts like weapons, they sending shots like crack
All profit my dark Lord, watch where you stepping
I know why I dropped it
Look how they caught me, I know where I left it
He caught war any second, back to back
Hoes stay on the line, pu**y a blessing
But I'm all about time
Too often I treat the lessons like a run through the law
I see the coffin, village to garden
You sound smart but you just talk
Them n***as look, got me flossing
Pour [?] Devil off him
Reading cautious, look how I'm postured

[Verse 3: Mavi]
I got more grams of gold than green on me
In two days, rolling out a Z at least, got Z with me, we seeking trees
For every letter, my brethren can count a ring for each
And that's enough for a round, ducking the Gao, tuck cheese at feet
I paced the miles through the sober
Rhymes like Viola with her face covered in snot
I'm a soldier, was down in 'Nola
I did Essence and showed my family some love
And fave aunty asked my age, "Just checking little one"
Back on vacation after boo had to relearn the lesson of love and address how hardpressed
I was for caresses, I wasn't
And so little cousin, if you spin on me looking for your woman
That's a dumb cause for sure
Winded sprinting when you run
180s incomplete, n***as income in conjunction, creek floss
Teeth glossed from unleavened and then supper, pray it's not my last
I pop a lozenge cause my voice is how I pocket cash
So I can understand where they're coming from when talking trash
The left and refuge
Hardly net impressed news
I'm a step, not the best-knitted noose on sketched rules
Top candidate, you planted as a stand-in Lex Luger
Trojan dope and the candles lit, she text, select Uber
Let it talk, let her sing, let her see and let her leave
Text in three months saying "Imma keep this message brief"
I'm proud of shawty, she won't find a better born, never found me
And for your lovely baby mother, another round please
[Verse 4: Fly Anakin]
Yo, yo, yo
Yo, could I, should I, would I save a b*t*h that never gave me sh*t?
I didn't make the list, we wait to flip
Fake Kiff, makeshift flavour, the ladle wrist
You K-Swiss, ain't this lacing the papers b*t*h
Pay for this, peppering your favourite one
Dub for the masters, never trailing sh*t that led to one
She judging me like Mathers
Call me b*st*rd, don't delay the funds, villains on the run
All my life I wanted to be the one
Dub that, surpa**ed it, everlasting, been bulletproof since Rugrats
Thug cats that get in they bag when I say "F**k that"
I keep my sh*t in order but my life wild bugged
Shouts to Sheist bud, smoking purple with my dyke, cuz
Peace to lifers, we connected, I had your Netflix
My n***a blessed it
Uncle Fester face so make up
Almost got me arrested, tested the jaw, left it
Skipping over messages, only peace if it's dope infested

[Verse 5: Koncept Jack$on]
Yo, yo
You always doing something hot, but I'm lowkey with it
And homie suited for the drop, love the OE twisted
B*t*h caught me soon as shawty popped up
She throw weed dishes, she sporting pasta
From nosebleeds, sitting up on the roster
Born imposters we don't believe, spitting hours we locked
I'm tripping no vowels at the potluck, ten thousand hours bruh
Fast as Starks, such Canary armour truck, she [?]
Sponsored marvellously, dairy farms cut
She gon' let me lift my arms up and gently palm her dome
Shawty smart, you extra chromosome or something, legs ultra long
From my mother home
Gone [?] from my f**king dome
Suckaz mauled at the thought of the onslaught
He's up and blown alarm clock in morn' we on
[?] performances speedos, SpongeBob dub zeroes
Mi no mas, ma, live from the free throw
Stuff C-notes in my pocket Fabio survives or not
Walking to me? No, it's run
Pulled your card, mobster bully, Cole-sum'n
What up