Comfy (UK)
Hoods Hottest (Season 2)
[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty]
How did you get here
I'm drunk and confused
I tried to be patient with you, yeah
Higher, but you fall down higher

[Verse 1: Comfy]
Look, see
See, I've been chilling reminiscing, b*t*h
Put down the phone can you listen?
Hear the pain through the bars that I've written
I try do good in the life I was given
That's me and bro in the ding dong whizzing
I thank god every day 'cuz I'm living
Tryna move shady? safe, good riddance
They say I've got good bars, say I've got good rhythms
Now I'm in the stu' with a Q of the blue
And it's like four hours remaining
Survival of the fit like training it's mad
I just wanna tell mumsy I've made it
Bro said he's got import Cali, say less
That's foreign exchange no trading,
Man shed tears when the gaff got raided
They say I'm gonna blow but I've got no patience
Talking out loud talk draining
'Member them days we was Xbox gaming
My own guy snaked me it's mad
F**k that sh*t man, I ain't gonna name him
Watch out for your people they might be a pagans
Try do road because they need more ratings
F**k all the long talk, no time wasting
She wants a sweet boy, b*t*h I'm basic, lol
Some girls say I'm a sweet talker
But the rest of them say I'm stush
Brown skin one with a booty
She wanna get wife but there ain't no rush
She said she want read mans Snapchats
F**k a girlfriend if there ain't no trust
Cute one from T and Tobago she's like luko
My Caribbean crush, my Caribbean darling
Bro said he wants revs or styling
Tryna get dough so I ain't left starving
Bad temptations all around me
I feel like adam and eve in the garden
I'm outta this league by a margin
They say I've gone clear and I ain't even started
If that's bro I shouldn't ask for a promo
Won't even show man love no homo, yo
I ride for my fam, not a postcode
Your sh*t got took, cause your boy loves to showboat
Man, I've been down and broke
Mind up, now mans up like yoyo
Spittin bars on the ting up polo
I swear Imma blow when I drop all my solos
[Bridge: Shiloh Dynasty]
How did you get here
I'm drunk and confused
I tried to be patient with you, yeah
Higher, but you fall down higher

[Verse 2: Comfy]
Man, I've been dead broke and I've been top-boy too
Looking at me now when wouldn't even
Begin to think the mad tings that a mans been through
But hold up
Got guys that will have red dot on your head like one Hindu
Strenght too mad, you don't have it in you
TC when I say that you're the one I’m into into, into into
Bro bro's reckless leave his ting in you
Ting try’na beat but you’re minging, boo
No cap in my bars when I'm bringing truth
And it's mad, told mumsy I'd be a doctor
Now I burn green in the singing booth
J said B "are you bringing booze"
Said I'm coming with the ting, he's rinsing too
Oh sh*t, man just switched the b*t*h
When we pull up get out, no hypnotist
True saying when we feed them plants
And watch them grow like photosynthesis
I've been bolo since a kid
So I ain't scared to attack like I'm in the mid
Can't believe that I lost mumsy
Was deep in the end with my gaff when it hit the kid
But it's Comfy, I know they can't do it like me
Humble and preserve tracksuit Nike
I was in the pitch doing up high knees, unlikely
Can't do it like me