Vitamin Boy & IshDARR
You couldn’t build me, sending b*t*hes in false clothes
Now my past be looking like a road of forgotten songs
Who gone finish this one, I got rings in my
Clear beads in my
Sea moss leak, sneaking out
Pace cleaner, keep it cleanest, surfaces ignore em
Gotta bottom chick with mouth like she came straight outta New Orleans
And the pants come from hunger, 80 for a quarter
Still aware of my influence, cause a riot up at Turner
Turning wheels, you still lack appeal, guided from my peers
"Where's Ish?," b*t*h I’m at the crib, all 52 Statеs
Cross country with it, I got my way of living
We never ask for nonе of this, like this the way I, way I
Learn HTML and CSS, let's put this sh*t to use
Guided by these inst**utes, coulda been a lawyer too
Scary if I switch to now, my mind is moving faster n***a
I can hear the the engines of your lies, revvin' as I lift up
I sensed too much weakness, critics asking where you split from
Tell it real before I smack em, ain’t no chemistry, that’s building
Raw, this ain’t anger, I want bread, you want famous
Translating terms laments, fell behind on some payments
Like damn this how they do me, it’s okay, I’m still the greatest
In these checkerboards, trust me, chess built like its plated
With t**anium, these n***as ducking under ravens
So I flex like crows, check intelligence and data
I’ma peace minded, never sleep neither, never miss either
Live by the, you a d**k rider, please pick side of
Poles, no coincidence, that sh*t came from yo side of people’s bro
I’ll remember this, cement this b*t*h, I set inside the stone
I got lives depends on me like you, but Brodie this ain’t it
Now I hate have to address another subject, rugged
Grab my hand, but this time I ain't letting go
I can die from my skin or my skills ion know
I'm on edge been on edge said it's best don't go
So I pledge for the rest after me they see
When you young wanting more
But the ends don't meet
Still finish strong
What the f**k did y'all think