Grace Victoria
Should Have Told You
Should Have Told You

I stood there at the door
But my hand couldn't reach that bell
I stood there wanting more
But I couldn't break the spell

I looked down at my dress
It's the one that you liked the best
I feel like such a fool
Who am I to say I'm into you?

I walked back to the car (to the car)
But I never thought I'd get this far (get this far)
I look back to when we met (when we met)
'Cause falling in love only leads to regret
And I promise that I won't forget
Even though I feel inadequatе

I should have told you
I thought you were finе
I should have told you
How I wish you were mine

Told you
Told you
I never stopped to think (never stopped to think)
What were the chances of you liking me
Reciprocated love (reciprocated love)
Was only a dream that would come from above

And now that you are gone (gone, gone, gone, gone)
I see that you loved me all along
I feel like such a fool (feel like such a fool)
I should have told you
I should have told you

I should have told you
That you were my kinda guy
I wanna hold you
And keep you warmer at night

You were standing over there
I tried to stop
But I couldn't help but stare
Baby, I wish that you were here
But every time
You seem to disappear