Grace Victoria
Down in Virginia
I know a place where we can go
The music's mediocre and the lights stay low
In the winter if you’re lucky, it might even snow
Down in Virginia, baby

The people in the country can get pretty mean
A crazy woman called me n*gger made me wanna scream
But my anger never brought me a single thing
Down in Virginia, baby

When I was older I took a trip to the North
You'll never guess what I found:
The liberals are the under thе impression that racism is
No longer around

I'll take it down to thе South
See what you think of me now
No I’m not overreacting, I'm just hurting 'cause my past is such a nightmare
I'm glad I'm out

Out of Virginia, baby
Out of Virginia, baby

Casual hatred fills the air
Running out of time, and I'm starting to care
If we let this girl continue, we'll be drowning dead
Down in Virginia, baby
These people never thought that we'd get nowhere
They took one look and then they started to cower in fear
Ain’t it funny how deep down they just very scared
Of being bested, baby

But here’s the thing, the truth it has a way of coming to light
And things are starting to change
So even though we've been through hell, justice survives
They lost a battle today

There is no reason to wait
I’m digging heartache a grave
If you think that sounds dramatic, take a look at all the havoc
We've endured to make it into today

Down in Virginia, baby
Down in Virginia, baby