Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap
Dem Want War
That n***a damn better get me in the tunnel tonight kid
I ain't playin , straight up

[Raekwon the Chef]
The mafia version , son chop me up , got a locked version
Rocked up , knocked on a person
Extraterrestrial , kill em now let's be out
Just out , flowin over water then jet ski out
Feel up the heat surgeon , ankle gun , diamond on my thumb
Rough version , enough shots come murkin
Pullin ?every slot ski? IV's ?pop go cop a yacht piece
Fish and grease status and some hot grease
Fur lookin lassin , assassin
Jet lash rap nod till you crash
Hot rod flash
Bury mines in the mountains
Sprayin an ounce and everybody out bouncin
Chill or pay , couch countin
White gold table , cable on , automatic murder bent sable
Paperwork , page you
Last word from the Russians
We flashin up dutches
Yellin cat flex to these raw Cream Team touched it

I wonder if someday that somebody wants to say that
Dem want war
I wonder if someday that somebody wants to say that
Dem want war
[The Chef]
Escaped in the six
Horror flicks , knowin how tomorrow gets
N***as wanna borrow , take six
Cremate money , saw his hand floody , analyze he make money
Great minds and thugs play funny
Touchin a novelist's hands I gave you power
N***a make grands , flowin like a lake in Iceland
Checkin my team , lookin tropical
Rocked up watches spottable
It symbolizes I ain't gotta do
Share this money or die
Fear a n***a if he look shy
2000 eye , holdin fly
The speaker collapsed
Can't wait till they bring the Gucci sneakers back
N***a like this , I buy a rack
The man like Floyd Mayweather
Y'all , the opposite lookin gay togehther
Trade in them plain leathers
It's like this make a classic
Me , I wrap it up , shit plastic
I'm married to the cash dick