POV: You’re A Corpse lyrics


Why did they put us here
It’s pretty f**king queer
Why do we live on this sphere
That rotates every f**king year
Why are we forced to slave
Why microchips and microwave
Why do they feed us brainwaves
And call us touch depraved

Why are we on this earth
Why are we forced to work
Why do you talk so much sh*t
I don’t wanna hear it
Why are you f**king laughing
Why are you photographing
I don’t care what you’re asking
I’m sick of the backstabbing

POV: You’re a corpse
You were forced
To be born
POV: You just died
And everything is a liе
POV: you’re a nurse
You help whеn, people hurt
POV: things got worse
And they rot in the dirt
(*audio glitches*)
They rot in the dirt
POV: You’re Jim jones
You were stoned, off your throne
POV: You’re a man
And that’s how your life began

Ruined my vital senses
I need new contact lenses
Spoiled my eyes with the screen
And blew my ears, I can’t hear
Everyone is pretentious
They need so much attention
Horrible crime offenses
Born to pay tax expenses

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