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The Verve Pipe

"Carry On"

It's times like these I want to disappear
With this dagger in my back and a six pack of beer
’Cause it's abundantly clear
I'm another one mired in the meanwhile

Will this bottle give me good advice
Will it sell me salvation at a wholesale price
Going once going twice
I’m another one
Stuck here at the turnstile

I got pretty high but it's long come and gone
Just give me the strength to carry on, carry on, carry on

I spent all my money on rock and roll
That crap top 40 ain't got no soul
It's like a big black hole
C'mon people
Is there anybody out there

I bet wrong, I lost every dime
There's no accounting for taste
It's a waste of time
Ain't no reason or rhyme
C’mon people
You’re making them millionaires
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