Some c*nt Used the N-Word

John Cooper Clarke

With a controversialist in the chair
and a woman who’s been known to swear
They really tried to not care
When some c**t used the n-word

Rolling news don’t ever sleep
I saw this terrorist weep
What coulda got to that creep?
some c**t used the n-word

Motherf**ker calls some other f**ker
all kinds of c*cksucker
Everything was pucker
Then some c**t used the n-word

A prominent politician deemed
an unrepentant sex fiend
That footage never got screened
Some c**t used thе n-word

I tried to warn you fervently
of a mattеr of some urgency
I can’t remember the emergency
Cause some c**t used the n-word

Some knuckle-dragging provincial boor
You know, one of the undeserving poor
Well, shut the front door
Some c**t used the n-word

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