Rhyme Asylum
[Intro: Diabolic]
Rhyme Asylum
Foul Play, b*t*h

[Verse 1: Diabolic]
There’s no question if I’m ill or not, unfold the killer’s plot
To blind the eye on the pyramid and destroy the buildin’ blocks
I take tequila shots with six packs of Miller
And you’re no match like caterpillars attackin’ silverback gorillas
It’s like a storm swept in the form of a war weapon
Who’d have your broad stressin’, chasin’ my balls like dogs fetchin’
Born legend, swingin’ Liquid Swords with the force
Of missiles launched in a Pacific-Northwest collision course
I’m not like the rest, I’m cut from a different cloth
Worshiped like a Christian corpse nailed to a religious cross
You’ve bitten off more than you can chew, your sh*t is soft
You hear the hunger in my voice, I hear the b*t*h in yours
I don’t Dance With The Devil, I’m just sittin’ back
Clickin’ gats, poppin’ his choreographer on hidden tracks
Rippin’ cats with Skirmish, Plazma and Leatherface
While Psiklone and Possessed disgrace anyone who test their fate

Test your fate, give me a reason to set it straight
Give me a reason to make your body levitate
Give me a reason to teach lessons and educate
F**k it, I’ma leave you bleedin’
I don’t even need a reason
[Verse 2: Psiklone]
Switch stars and stripes and American eagles
Arm the president’s people with carving knives and heroin needles
Delay the afterlife, suspendin’ the sequel
Self-injecting the lethal T-Virus from Resident Evil
Vicious jackal, black zodiac star sign
The horse whisperer, turning Pegasus to the dark side
In a State of Lunacy, literally losin’ my mind
I had an infernal affair with Lucifer’s wife
I sleep balancin’ on sharpened javelins
Who needs a pa**port when you’re born with dragon wings?
Godforsaken angel
When it comes to blood I’ll drink Dracula under the operating table
Turn eternal hellfire to ice, high as a kite
Smoking the blunt side of a knife
Desert mouth, jaw full of cactus spikes
Parasites feeding off the decaying corpse of the Antichrist


[Verse 3: Possessed]
I suspect I’m losin’ the plot
Sleep with a battle axe and rest my head on an executioner’s block
Refuse to be a flash in the pan
When opportunity knocks, I bang back with battering rams
View the future through all-seeing eyes
Unsheathe my knife, carve the date of my death in the Tree of Life
Jesus Christ…
If I get cold feet, I’ll walk on water ’til I turn the sea to a sheet of ice
Pry open the jaws of depression, force whole packs of Prozac
Washed down with scorpion venom
Sorcerer with a morbid obsession, four notorious henchmen
Guarding my doors of perception
I turn Brokeback Mountain to Hamburger Hill
F**k a blacksmith, I forge axes from nerves of steel
Embodiment of decrepitude
F**k sexual diseases, my ejaculation leaves exit wounds

[Verse 4: Plazma]
Head semi-detached, emerged from the grave
The living deceased in a permanent state of murderous rage
I was burned at the stake, rose from the ashes
With a thirst for human flesh, no emotional baggage
No close companions, don’t show compa**ion
Unleashin’ my demons secretly seekin’ holy sanction
Straight horrorcore, never did follow law
The insane and sagely sodden-faced god of war
It’s been this way forever, a basement dweller
Forever plottin’ my apocalyptic reign of terror
Possess the emperor of Rome’s treacherous soul
Reclaim supreme status and reascend to the throne
The Night of the Living Dead, you’ll die a horrific death
Your last image; a masked figure lighting a cigarette
It’s Diabolic and Rhyme Asylum in full effect
We’ll never compromise, be silenced or put to rest