Rhyme Asylum
Straight Jacket Part 2
[Verse 1: Plazma]
Yeah, yo, yo
Genetically cloned deadly mercenaries and rogues
All my time is spent on my own sculpting weapons from bone
We're members of cults that pose as anarchists, dressing in robes
And holding gatherings in derelict homes
End up with your name embedded in stone, claim your head as my own
A new addition to my collection of skulls
Your screams'll reach a deafening tone
After bearing witness to the beheading of those you cherish the most
Turn men into stone like Medusa's Gorgons,
Gruesome horsemen that live on a diet of human organs
Enter my secluded fortress that's only ever used for storing
The dismembered heads of news reporters
Post code triple-six, some of my best times
Were under the red skies back-stroking through River Styx
Brain's sadistic, since birth labelled misfits
My name is listed first on Satan's wish list

[Verse 2: Psiklone]
I'll single handily dismantle a SWAT Division
As a sperm I grew limbs, my grip strangling competition
Write by lit candles and locked in prison
And blink my eyes at TV's to switch channels with optic vision
Knock out tracks with punch lines and a right hook
Drink fluid that leaks from the spine of my rhyme book
I can run underwater with iron lungs
Special straitjackets were designed to bide my tongue
To courts are trying to make me law-abide
I'm still standing, middle fingers up, feet either side of the border line
Immortalised since the dawn of time
The Virgin Mary was mortified and my mercenaries aborted Christ
Look deep in my haunted eyes, see Aurora lines
As the Northern Lights organize in the morning skies
Freeze tsunamis into walls of ice
Shot myself in the head than wrote these sixteen bars before I died
[Verse 3: Reain]
I've got a mental block against the thought police, the Altered Beast
I define what lies between war and peace
Sonic waves that my mouth releases
Break the sound barrier into a thousand pieces
Citizen Black Smith forging a sharp sword
Start war and get left with a blood-stained glass jaw
My bars make you feel in prison
As I nuclear power plant bombs in your field of vision
It's common to beat you senseless, leave you breathless
Then let my Asthma Attack your weak defences
Acupuncture your lungs
I'll be Back To The Future, the black T-101
In fire I was baptised, battling me's like unleashing
An Alpha-Dog Soldier in a cat fight
The Black Knight with King Arthur's weapon
Entering a wild war in a full suit of Armageddon

It's Rhyme Asylum those twisted cats, spitting raps
And committing vicious acts of mindless violence

Psiklone, phantom power Rhyme Asylum
Re-enacting dreams of pouring gasoline in fire hydrants,
Now I've lost my mind in the Rhyme Asylum
Prize-fight with Titans and kill a whale with Poseidon's Trident

(Somewhere in this world there is a straitjacket waiting for that man!
Here come the pain!)
(I write rhymes in pitch blackness)