Rhyme Asylum
How Many Mics?
[Verse 1: Possessed]

Lock your doors I’m rotten to the horror core
Valkyries clean up after my dogs of war
Won’t be pigeon-holed I’m a bird of prey
Put me a category I’ll put you in a early grave
Lucifer reject
Shoulders are stumps from where I used to have three heads
There can only be one
Before my soul reach hell, scatter my ashes over the sun
Not holding my tongue, I say what I feel
I’m the hand that rocks the cradle of filth
I don’t wanna live life
The suicidal sword swallower, slitting my throat from the inside
Open my windpipe
Corpses rise from the grave when my names spoken at midnight
Inflict indescribable pain
Don’t drink drive, drink Strychnine and pilot a plane
Defecate on your final resting place
Fight me; and need braces to set ya dental record straight

[Verse 2: Psiklone]

Yo I'm hell's flaming Bible Author
Stumbling drunk in your house party changing Wine to Water
Radiating psychic aura
Psiklone the poltergeist, throwing knives, plates and flying saucers
Reborn as Jaguar Paw, sat on a horse
Swinging the Hammer of Thor and the Excalibur Sword
I throw scraps of rappers down to Cerberus
Exhale at the nearest Aeroplane and counter turbulence
Hidden Dragon Ninja with a British accent
Rhyme Asylum's doing hit-and-run's like Cricket-Batsmen
Spitting splitting atoms into fractions
So cold-blooded I'm invisible to Thermal-Image camera's
Stone dead, racing with Ghosts
Skeleton's so dense, I run through brick walls not breaking a bone
The thunderstorm in your forecast
Drop backwards off buildings and read a book with every story I fall past
[Verse 3: Skirmish]

Dressed to kill, black hooded robe and scythe
Cause a power outage in the blink of my golden eye
Heart swallowing cold inside
From a broken promise land where no mind, body, and soul survive
My household's a haven for the undead, tasting the blood shed
My skin waiting for the sunset
Presence of shadows dark rays from the sunlight
A cell structure with RA as my blood type
Sworn between heaven and hell, I'm interracial
Lead a double life hornless demon, wingless angel
Flesh eating life takers
And don't take drugs and save stunts, free base jump from sky scrapers
Pound signs tatted on the skin of my teeth
Money talks and I’m onto six figures of speech
My pulse is in synch with a beat
Death terror, eternal rest I still twitch in my sleep

[Verse 4: Reain]

So cold I went to hell and it froze
Two-step dance with the devil just so I could step on his toes
Ain't selling my soul, nope, won't give him a deal
Shattered every bone in his foot and broke his Achilles heel
On judgement's day you lose the case
I'm on a solo mission staying pole position in the human race
You pay the price when I charge with force
Recite a thousand words to paint a picture in the art of war
We're undertaking over
I'm the weapon X file being investigated by Agent Mulder
Forget guns, the king's killing with swords
When I blow up, the big bang will sound like a pin hitting the floor
Tracks get rolled in tandem
I'm in the last chance saloon at the bar taking shots from a loaded magnum
Me and my dogs are the freaking b*******
The line between love and hate and writing my lyrics on it