Rhyme Asylum
Solitary Confinement
(We the dawn of a new species, adapt or perish...)

[Verse 1: Possessed]

I'm born invincible and second to none, desolate one
Putting out lit cigarettes on my tongue
Plant my flag in Mount Doom
Put my money where my mouth is and raise my face value
Your talk is cheap, doped up on Thorazine
Spit one time for your mind like the thought police
In my prime till I die
I'll "Dial M for Murder" now your life's on the line
Swear by the whites of my eyes
That the imagery I'm bringing is so vivid it gives sight to the blind
Christ the divine
My brain is a smart bomb, combined with Oppenhiemer design
Mind blowing, samurai ronin
Sleep with my third eye open (scoping)
Candles are played out
On my next birthday, make a death wish then blow my brains out

[Hook: Psiklone]

Eleven Letters never get it confused, we better than you
(Independent) Yeah the legends are true
This here, "Solitary Confinement"
Alone in this mental asylum
Eleven Letters never get it confused, we better than you
So start spreading the news
This here, "Solitary Confinement"
Alone in this mental asylum
[Verse 2: Psiklone]

Straight out of London - crazy motherf**ker named Psiklone
From a mad clan of savage insane psychos
Nasty b*st*rd
In your local morgue dancing with a frozen corpse just to get the party started
I don't hold microphones
Closed my eyes and told the mic to float with mind control
Exit earth climbing lightning bolts
You rappers got no backup like broken Sky remotes
Destiny's physical form
Chalk outlines for murder scenes minutes before the victims were born
Force vivid subliminal thoughts
I strangled my Siamese twin with the umbilical cord
Bury your head in desert sands
Link words that rhyme in my verse and draw webs of connecting pentagrams
Stretch imaginations on torture racks
Jump up mid-autopsy asking for my organs back

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 3: Skirmish]

Let's enter inside "Solitary Confinement"
Sentenced to life in this mental asylum
Hell spawn
We amongst the 13 ghosts between the 14th and the 12th floor
Ahead of my time an intelligent mind
That everything that I know is self taught
Without R.A no way you can spell raw
Mentally disturbed signs hanging on my cell door
Marked the game with carved initials
We perfected the art, you perfected the artificial
Impossible to restore my faith
I'm negative, forever live in war and hate
Born insane in the mind
I'm so far gone, so say your goodbyes
Best to leave now
Or pay with your life, when I bid you farewell to the flesh, you rest in peace out
[Repeat Hook]