Rhyme Asylum
Stark Raving Genius
[Verse 1: Plasma]
Brain is demented, in a major state of depression
Since the day I was sectioned I was laced with painful injections
Under intense surveillance and when mental patients attempt escaping the ventilation releases deadly vapours
Locked away in a cell that's pitch black; completely dark
I kick back and weeks have passed as I conversate with myself
Alone in a cage, no hope of escape, can’t get hold of a blade
So I grew my nails long enough to open my veins
A manic depressed that's suicidal, tried to remove my eyeballs
And made a gallant attempt at snapping my neck
Was on the verge of insanity then entered the asylum
Ventured in my mind with plans to never return to reality
At constant war with the demons within
Waking up in a state, with razor cuts to the veins deep in my skin/
And doctors making observations on a constant basis
Patients locked in cages, inhaling toxic vapours
Unattractive features, having seizures in the corridors
And I contract diseases, rats are feeding off my rotten corpse
A decrepit and violent abandoned mental asylum
Where every hospital ward is unattended and silent
The level of corruption’s a cause for concern
‘cause at night the inmates are sent into the dungeon, tortured and burned
And patients with self-inflicted fatal wounds
Watching docs in radiation suits taking patients through to operation rooms

[Verse 2: Possessed]
Even demented in dreams, on the edge of resting in peace
Knives, rope, pills - euthanasia vending machines
Heroine fiends strapped to a bed of syringes
One way acid trips when you’re sent to this medicine clinic
Kept in padded cells and metal cages, mental patients
Shock therapy high voltage dental braces
At night time I scream myself to sleep
Scared of the crippled man crawling that no one else can see
A weeping widow, eyes black and miserable
An old lady sits searching for the future in a shattered crystal ball
Locked away where crazed doctors don’t wait to operate
I hear voices and they're all telling me that I’m not insane
Treatment rooms for the seven sins
Mistaken for gluttony, women with prosthetic limbs expecting twins
Shedding skins with a carving knife
Involuntary organ donors waking up in a bath of ice
Stark raving mad maniac, ugly looks
Vacant stares, cracked mirrors, masturbate with rusty hooks
A building that hangs off the edge of a cliff
Spoke of in legend and myth, razors turn rusty left in the wrist
Mentally sick, resisting my medicine, dismissing my excellence
My thoughts cover walls written in excrement
Beneath flickering lights we beg for mercy
I hear relentless ticking yet every clock is stuck on 7:30
[Verse 3: Psiklone]
A twisted hospital haunted by a cold dementia
Doors lock and padded walls turn to spikes and slowly close together
Can’t break my restraints in half so I chew through my aching arms
The doctors are eight times more deranged than the patients are
Panic attacks in the darkness, natural disasters
Psychopaths in barbwire nooses hang from the rafters
Broken fingernails left gripping the ceiling
And your neck collar will explode if you attempt to breach the perimeter region
Duct tape preventing communication
Cold sweats in pitch black icy rooms, demented hallucinations
Phobias taken to their vertical limits
Twisted priests resurrect Satan’s soul through surgical spirit
Hearts beat so loud you hear them pound as they palpitate
Sense a sour taste gargling mouthfuls of scalpel blades
We all look essentially the same, but I'm mentally insane
Shouting “It’s me!” in identity parades
Fallen angels are stuffed into torture chambers and crushed
Then burned alive into holy water vapour and dust
Placebos switched for dangerous drugs, disguising the medicine
I’m highly intelligent, the side of my mind is irrelevant
Expressionless wide eyes and venereal blisters
I shower in the blood of victims of serial killers
Trapped forever, no way of running scared
The front doors left wide open for anyone that wanders in unaware
[Verse 4: Skirmish]
A patient for seven years, yet to see the light of day
A telekinetic mind to set me free from tight restraints
That’s what I keep telling myself inside my brain
I know I’m a genius, doctors think my minds insane
Avoid the dark corners of cells
Powerful vacuums leading into black holes and portals to hell
Forced to torture ourselves for pleasant thinking
Dead security guards are monitoring closed circuit television
Tracking device embedded in my collar bone
Bloody letters on the wall spelling out the words “you’re not alone”
Strapped down with a straight jacket and several chains
Wrapped ‘round and welded to the bed’s metal frame
They’re upside down hung from the ceiling
Unknown creatures live in my flesh prompting uncomfortable feelings
Mirrors reflect in black and white
Escape is pointless: all the corridors interconnectin' back to mine
Inmates have half-shaven heads, can’t take the stress
For weeks arms laid to rest on a sharp razor’s edge
Raise the dead, an escape attempt shoveling mud
Bathe in depths of AIDS-infected bubbling blood
Eternally cursed by immortal life
A schizophrenic that’s permanently disconnected from my normal side
So I’ll never be the same and just when I figure it out
A pill’s placed into my mouth and my memory’s erased...
A reality is just what we tell each other it is
Sane and insane could easily switch places if the insane were to become the majority
You would find yourself locked in a padded cell
Padded cell… Locked in a padded cell
Wondering what happened to the world