Rhyme Asylum
Strange Deranged
[Verse 1: Psiklone]

Extreme instinct to survive
From the first minute of time I was sipping the elixir of life
Born with infinite lives
When collecting thoughts I suck the universe into my mind
I'm lyricism defined
A voice so loud I leave the studio before I've finished my lines
Shaolin monk blessed with a powerful punch
Knock every last oxygen molecule out of your lungs

[Verse 2: Reain]

I sit back and kill time wasters
Never second guess I stab in the dark with light sabres
We’re the undergrounds upper echelon
To Whom It Concerns, you’re sincerely written off with this letter bomb
I’ll have the rap scene cordoned off
When I engrave your name on a bullet, and call the shots
You’ve got it backwards like French grammar
So I put the nail bomb in your coffin with a sledgehammer

[Verse 3: Possessed]

My blood may be a fiery red
But there’s nothing but ice in the left side of my chest
Not right in the head
Rolling triple sixes every time I’m dicing with death
Raised on the opposite of love
Drove insane with a body in the trunk
Yo, psychological disorder
My mind rotten to the core like Sodom and Gomorra

Strange deranged, twisted insane
Crazy demented sick in the brain
Strange deranged, twisted insane
Crazy demented, schizophrenics
Strange deranged, twisted insane
Crazy demented sick in the brain
Strange deranged, twisted insane
Crazy demented

[Verse 4: Reain]

Throw grenades and play fetch with a dog soldier
I’m Jason, Bourne the 31st of October
One nine eight three A.D
God made earth in seven days and took nine months to make me
Breathe fire as I squeeze on my dragon balls
Catch zees when I sleep on my padded walls
You now sleep with piranhas
I’m the salt of the earth in the recipe for disasters

[Verse 5: Psiklone]

Boa constrict blood flow to your lips
Focus my eyes at the moon forcing a solar eclipse
Nobody is colder than this
Think outside Pandora’s box then begin opening it
I’m never sat in traffic
I lift the car and run till my muscles dissolve in lactic acid
Dinosaur spinal cord, rigid dermal plates
Turn away and backstab you with my vertebrae
[Verse 6: Possessed]

I’m the right man for the hatchet job
Prepare the abattoir for the Lamb of God
Banish you to the land of nod
Close friends turn into snakes like Aaron’s Rod
Between a Ragnarok and a hard place
R.A to the last days, no matter what
Camelot home to my knighthood
Got Jakabok Botch locked inside my rhyme book

[Repeat Hook]