Rhyme Asylum
Straight Jacket Part 1
"On a mountain of scars, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood. What was, will be; what is will be no more. Now is the season of evil."

[Verse 1: Reain]
Create panic when I run amok
Punch your mug till my knuckles cut, with my straight jacket still buckled up
If your wack, I'm saying the truth blatant
I'd rather jump on a track with a train at a tube station
Celebrate this song
Or get your face carved off and left with a leather face st**ched on
Not even Midas can touch the skills
Forget labels, I shook the hands of time as I struck a deal
Padded brain cells constructed of metal
In the art of war, make you draw blood with a pencil
Break backstabbers crooked spines
Son of a gun in a full metal straight jacket moving in bullet time
Uppercut you to soaring heights
Just before you die, make your afterlife flash before your eyes
Open your mouth, I'll weld it shut
Sick to my stomach, I'll push my belly b***on and self destruct

[Verse 2: Possessed]
Born with the birthmark of the beast, commander in chief
March through Tartarus in blood soaked army fatigues
Wear a diseased heart on my sleeve
They say words are weapons, well I guess I'm armed to the teeth
Hung members of the nazi regime from rafters and beams
Committed to rhyme asylum with no chance of release
Blasphemous saints, iron straight jacket restraints
Spit fire that attracts the Moth Man to the flame
I'm an orphan of Chernobyl, come back from the grave
I'll put your freedom of speech in shackles in chains
We salivate hazardous waste
I swing Excalibur with the stone still attached to the blade
We're a nimble ninja clan sprinting over the surface
In sinking sand, rocking concrete timberlands
Roll militant in guerrilla tanks
My fist is rock solid breaking through Edward Scissorhands
[Verse 3: Skirmish]
Dressed to kill, black hooded robe and scythe
Cause a power outage in the blink of my golden eye
Heart's hollow and cold inside
From a broken promise land where no mind, body, and soul survive
My household's a haven for the undead, tasting the blood shed
My skin waiting for the sunset
Presence of shadows dark rays from the sunlight
A cell structure with RA as my blood type
Sworn between heaven and hell, I'm interracial
Lead a double life hornless demon, wingless angel
Flesh eating life takers
And don't take drugs insane stunts, free base jump from sky scrapers
Pound signs tatted on the skin of my teeth
Money talks and I want a six figure of speech
My pulse is in synch with a beat
Death terror, eternal rest I still twitch in my sleep

Bridge: Reain, Possessed, & Skirmish
R: Locked in my straight jacket with the rhyme asylum
Reain spittin', hitting with the force of a strike of lightning
P: No ones f**king with the rhyme asylum
Let the cat out the bag as well as a pride of lions
S: Skirmish, the man beast, rhyme asylum
My clique got the game on lock like Rikers Island