Rhyme Asylum
Poison Penmanship
"I'm an angel, I kill firstborns while their mamas watch, I turn cities into salt, I even, when I feel like it, rip the souls from little girls, and from now till kingdom-come the only thing you can count on in your existence is never understanding why"

[Verse: Possessed]
Thief in the night, fangs in your jugular, bleeding you dry
I live in a gla** house throwing meteorites
Appeased the gods in a previous life
And I slice the throat of Sweeney Todd for my piece of the pie
I'm the angel of death
Outpacing Olympic swimmers with the T**anic's anchors chained to my legs
All without breaking a sweat
From the underground and I'm craving the taste of your flesh like the Day of the Dead
Here for gaining respect, enforce the laws of gravity
And draw the sword of Damocles to the nape of your neck
Communist Marxist, sharpshooter, locked on my target
I was breast feed cancer and bottles of Arsenic
Blind swordsman, wandering darkness (F**k cash)
I'll drop the queen's severed head in the offering basket
I'm eating outta coffins and caskets
And everyone in my field of vision's just crops for the harvest
I'm a hell-born Seraphim
Four faces with torn feather wings
Spawning four deformed Nephilim
Burying peace pipes, digging up the hatchet
Deep throat my d**k 'til it singes in your stomach acid
We unattractive ferocious creatures
I got master degree burns after a heatstroke of genius (genius)
Rush the doors from dusk 'til dawn
My entourage plot on top of Scotland yard 'cause we above the law
Withstand the force of a juggernaut
We're the recipe for disaster and this beat's cooking up a storm
All powerful being
During hours of sleeping, I levitate between the ground and the ceiling
Advanced lifeforms found in my semen
Haven't started to rap yet, this is just the sound of my breathing
A mental plane like Enola Gay
I'm slashing open throats of backstabbers with my shoulder blade
Step off the planet, it would float away
Tormented by growing pains of my ever evolving brain
I sever ties with heaven skies
And wage wars that makes Armageddon resemble a training exercise
Third eye blessed with second sight, a Cenobite
I've survived the new Mexico desert testing sites
If I do start to smoke weed
I'll take two tokes and won't breathe out for a whole week and OD
Battling me, you won't get cold feet
The mere thought of facing Possessed'll freeze the fluid in both knees
Product of a Warlock and a Witch, knock you for six
Piledrive you down a bottomless pit
Push my luck over the top of a cliff
I don't bite the hand that feeds me, I chew it off at the wrist
I forge a sword from a thunderbolt
And I'll rub in salt into bullet wounds just to the make the slug dissolve