Rhyme Asylum
[Verse 1: Skirmish]
I was birthed in a savage hell
Where the system’s a straitjacket and great planet Earth is a padded cell
Trapped in the same place, we live in a maze
With deadly weapons hidden away in these militant days
To reach a different stage we must struggle and strive
I can’t sit in this cage believing government lies
Whilst they just juggle our lives, the future is bleak
‘Cause we’ve got youths on the streets causing trouble with knives
So when will this havoc stop?
I said a holy prayer for people not to vote for Tony Blair in the ballot box
‘Cause his only care's hiding the truth from people
The greed of mankind fertilizing the roots of evil
Searching for life’s purpose, knowing I’m lost
Never going to mosque or praying at Christ’s churches
Displaying tight verses has become a way of life
Leading a sinful path will cause me to pay a price
And now burning in Hell is bound to be my ending fate
Can’t have a life in paradise or enter Heaven’s gates
We’re all rats in a race, on a climb and chasing glory
Can’t fall flat on my face, I know time ain’t waiting for me
So my aim’s making progress, finding a safe haven
But my brain’s aching in this painstaking process
In this life I lead I either fight or bleed
‘Cause all the sights of greed affected this righteous seed
And knowing how unkind life can seem
My mind drifts ’cause it’s sometimes nice to dream
And deep inside of me I feel I need to change
‘Cause only in times of need is when I seem to pray
We’re even harming ourselves with the air we’re breathing
I’m so stressed to the point where my hair’s receding
Humans losing their lives in violent killings
I’m waiting for the world to end and time is ticking…
Some people choose the path of righteous living
While others refused to be brainwashed by religion
So repent your sins before Christ has risen
Until the end begins I choose to fight the system
Roads roamed by the coldest of souls with devilish eyes
Seeing how most of the globe’s Americanized
Fire in the heavenly skies and Armageddon
Drifting into darkness so far from Heaven
And the meaning of life remains an unanswered question
Unlearned from mistakes in the past and present
Now humanity’s overpowered by the forces of evil
And over time God's become less important to people
Destination’s off the rails, living life
Committing crimes, ending up locked in jail
Using guns and knives, ruining tons of lives
It’s like a permanent black cloud over these London skies…
Feeling trapped ’cause the system’s infected
So take a step back and look at life from a different perspective
The ups and downs; just when you touch the clouds
Your luck is out and you fall to the dusty ground
Haunted by this horrible carnage, life’s a nightmare
I lie scared, lost in the darkness
The ups and downs; just when you touch the clouds
Your luck is out and you fall to the dusty ground

[Verse 2: Psiklone]
This is a lost world full of crazy places
It’s hell on earth and it’s getting worse on a daily basis
Head’s spinning from lack of sleep, on the brink of insanity
I clench my fist to get a grip on reality
Sick of twisted morality, dodging the sly snakes
Locked in a mind state, never following blind faith
Our food’s plagued with carcinogens
What’s hardest to fathom is parts of this planet are starving to death
Imprison the white Nazis, humans are equal
Yet the stupidest people build systems of hierarchy
The famous praised by these mugs
They’re the same as a layman at my stop waiting in the rain for the bus
Cancer, crack and the AIDS virus
No intelligence, idiots commit random acts of insane violence
People are ignorant, evil is infinite
Kept breathing by a breed of secretive syndicates
No justice in legal systems, teach the victims
And it seems evil villains only see weeks in prison
Resentfully await the end of time, racists generalize
The devil manifests through hateful genocides
Burning molecules of fossil fuels, wasting the planet’s energy
Packets of tobacco are plagued with satanic devilry
The aftermath of bloodshed’s everlasting
No genies in bottles, just spirits - wishes never granted
Bunning their lungs up on cigarettes, drinking to hidden depths
Looking like stick insects, the living dead
Extinction’s been maliciously planned
Don't roll religious, the holy scriptures were written by man
People leading a life of secrets and lies
Deep in the night, being deceitful and leaving to cheat on their wives
Ascending divorce rates
Relationships turn tasteless quick and end in defendin’ a court case
I ain’t even livin’ in cardboard boxes
But right now it seems like my life’s got more issues than Marvel comics
The capital city got no superheroes
The value of human life’s been reduced to zero
The evolution of street pollution
Means the fumes that are breathed by humans induce disease and tumors
And wars bring national panic and civilian corpses
Military forces cause collateral damage
Politics is a lost abyss, we’ve got no control
Trapped on our mobile phones doomed for apocalypse
So f**k the general election
‘Cause most are ignorant to others livin’ at the opposite ends of the spectrum
What if life’s an illusion?
A mystery, and some people spend their entire time trying to find a solution
All I know is while I strive for the truth and fight the confusion
Still ain’t reached my final conclusion (and that’s it…)