Rhyme Asylum
Enemies of The Faith
[Verse 1:Plasma]
Plazma's known to run a cult of deluded celibate women
So don't be surprised if you awake with your genitals missing
I'm a perilous, twisted, very rebellious misfit
I've left men with no hope of ever developin' infants
The indelible S.I.N clique are wanted in several districts
We search for potential victims and burn the suspected snitches
I was raised with a death wish, became insane and relentless
Began hanging guys in my backyard from a chain with their necks slit
I strained and prevented from being caged and then sentenced
And I escaped from the west and became the shaman's apprentice
I engage on a quest with my men to invade your defences
Then I plague them with hate and made them ashamed of my presence
I push a razor-blade in your head then chain you straight to a bench
And place a weight on your chest and make you state I'm the best
Plasma, came from the depths where Satan is kept
And the place is infested and plagued with the dead

[Verse 2:Possessed]
Yo, my fist made the first impression,
This urban legend would rather reign in hell then ever have to serve in heaven
So don't ask Possessed worthless questions, you'll learn your lesson
And the answer's death because my words are weapons
I sit in an electric chair until I cause a power cut
And use an asteroid belt to hold my trousers up
Been training since birth to harness the pain of the Earth
Sold my soul to the Devil in exchange for this verse
Stopping your lungs' breathin' with impossible puns
F**k dealing crack I sling-shot the third rock from the sun
Here, hold this grenade while I tie my shoe-lace
I'm straight f**kin' up beats like a virus in Cubase
I breath flames hot enough to power steam trains
I'm so cold you can see my breath during a heat wave
An army of thoughts gather in the mind of this raw rapper
I'm so over-the-top I put up my shelves with Thor's Hammer
[Verse 3:Skirmish]
I'm the sick type of rhymer
That's cold enough to run in a burning building and start a fist fight with fire
More complex lyrically
To boost my brain I stand on train tracks and absorb electricity
I make souls vanish at night
I regurgitate the fire in my belly and blow candles alight
So don't gamble your life with the forces of evil
Sick minds that take pleasure in torturing people
I've been trained to sustain pain
I'm so strong I condition my body by standing in front of moving freight trains
Vivid nightmares, demons dwell in my dreams
Where the whispers in the dark turn to devilish screams
So I take a deep breath, feelin' careless inside
And ain't no fear in my eyes on my way to meet death
So you never could wreck mics
I murder you now and commit suicide just to kill you again in the next life

[Verse 4:Psiklone]
Yo when I talk I bring the force of an avalanche
You'll find me breathing greenhouse ga**es and watering power plants
With weapons forged in my paragraphs
I kill time by driving a metal sword through an hourgla**
My reflection forms in your bank notes I settle scores
And when the feds are called I teleport into black smoke
I'll leave you kickin' the bucket you'll find my rhymes written in lost scrolls hidden in pot holes in the pit of my stomach
The devil just fell and hit the bishop cause I'm so heavy
When I turn in my sleep Heaven and Hell switch positions
In genetic cyphers I solve the code
Heal my own broken bones with an overdose of stolen chromosomes
Rampage on mad random attacks
So fly I can run through customs with a damn tank strapped to my back
When I was, chased by the agents, I was saved by my trainers
Cause the loopholes I made from my laces staged my escape from the Matrix