The Life of a Henxhmen Story
(Hey, Hollo, turn me up)

Skrrt, that's what it sound like when the tires screeching and your bro say get way from the lick
Kicked in your door 'cause they said he had bricks
Reached for his fye and got shoot in his hip
Cousin crying 'cause he bleeding
Up that fye, tell that ho, "Give me a reason"
Looking at her while he on the ground leaking
Carpet look red like I stepped in the Demon
So what you gon' do? How you gon' do it?
I need the bricks and I want all the profit
They already said you got soft and the molly
My freak ho seen you throw the money at Folliеs
So let me tell you what your ass bеtter do
Cover your wound, lead me straight to the room
I point the fye at her and I tell her don't move
Fye to his head while we walk in the room
This migo got bricks like he work at Home Depot
Pull out my bag and I repo the bricks
Then I turnt to the plug
Put one in his head, went to homicide from a lick
Run out the room, shoot his bitch in the tits
I check the fridge 'cause they said he had Trish
But still took a W 'cause he had the Wock'
On the counter, had the glass by the pot
Like auntie dem, put the dope in my pocket
Got the dope, then you know I had rocket
Leaving out the door, I seen a civilian
On the phone, he was looking suspicious
Think he called 12, gon' fuck my mission
.223 lift that boy off his pivot
Shooting shots, watch that boy fadeaway
Sirens ringing, man, them folks on the way
I run to the car and I'm telling him go
The tires screeching, but they heard me slam the door
Who that with that stick? Oh, that's his folks
Knowin' somethin' wrong, he ran out the house with the Calico
Before he had let off a shot, I hung out the window and shot at his cantaloupe
But tragic, 12 on us
We flying through traffic, we speeding through cars
Good Samaritan hit us, want an award
Hop out the car, then I hit up his Ford
Waist-deep, man, I feel like Tyrese
Bro who driving, he done broke both his knees
Run off, man, he sayin' don't leave
Tell that boy ain't no I in no team
Look back like I just got away
Bookbag with the boot and the drank
Duffel bag with the profit he made
Running fast, I was tryin' not to faint
Shots fired, then I start to slow down
Leg shot, now I'm all on the ground
Crawling to nowhere, just hoping I make it
To be continued, this life of a Henxhman