64 Bars
How many bars this is, before I start?
Oh, this sixty-four bars?
Sixty-four bars, free the f**kin' Brim Reaper

She got her tongue out her mouth when she ask for a kiss
Mask and a fye, I love goin' on licks
Givin' me head, she love mackin' my d**k
Mmm, cereal and milk, I'ma fire up this trick
Shoot up the hill, get 'em lit
Bags in the spot and dope in the pot, why I ain't in the trap museum?
Opps in my throat make me choke
Stick in my car, I'm on go
Drink in my cup and I'm movin' so slow
In Boston like George, want the dope or the blow? (24)
Got a hundred right now, I'm in Calico
Beverly Hills, me and my Cali bros
This Indian ho from Florida State, so I talk to her Seminole
Fire on my hip, yeah, it's visible
Pint with my gang, spilt the Wock' on Cavallis
I'm with the Frontstreet, so I'd rather f**k up the blade 'fore I go into Follies
I'm from Atlanta where n***as think you ain't 'bout it 'til you go catch you a body, hmm
So guess I'm 'bout it 'bout it
On the phone with the plug askin' 'bout tricks, so she think I'm trifling
He ain't got no Percocet, pop a Vicodin
Chew an opioid 'fore I go and eat a vitamin
Pull out and skeet on her chest
Get her sticky like she went against Spiderman (Spidey)
Hold up, wait, I think you poured me too much
I got my brother everywhere I go, he don't talk, he just like Ferb
2019 front streets, on my early morning, trappin' on birds
Sittin' on the bench when Lane had called while waiting for my phone to go chirp (Brr)
When it's sunny, you know it get digital
On the Xan', I failed my physical
2015, in middle school (I swear)
Blink pick a hoe, call it pick-a-boo
Yellow ho, skin look like Pikachu
Like a car, I run off Diesel too
Tony Montana, I'm like, "F**k Sosa"
No CeeLo gang, 800, I want the big bank
The lil' one that everyone they knew was a problem child
Dope at the stove, smoking Black & Milds
Bodies on this 38, like a Western, I was gettin' wild
First I was robbin' with Robert, now I go rapping with Robert
I do the drip with no stylist, I switch it up like I'm Roger
He ain't got the courage to sip on the purple, I call him a coward
I put the water all over me like I just hopped out the shower
When I talk 'bout the AP, they said I didn't know the alphabet
They look at me like a rookie, so I'ma go'n ahead and go get the 'Vette
Put fur on my b*t*h like a pet
And the choker chain 'round her neck like she gettin' neglected (She gettin' neglected, but she not)
You give me your number, I swear I might call
They gon' send you to court when they see that you ball
Know some snakes on my pants, got a snake in my drawers (I do)
Got a b*t*h in the A, got a b*t*h in New York (I swear)
Got a drop on the spot, now we kickin' the door (24, 24, 24)
Double cup, so I poured up a four (Four)