Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
I know it sounds weird
I do want you to look back on this and smile, but
I kinda want that smile to be through tears

[Verse 1]
I ain't shouting at ya - I'm shouting to ya
Hello darkness my old friend let's turn you into filthy lucre
And suture wounds and tumors with dark humor mixed with hubris
In lieu of future suitors with a blast of nasty rumors
Seems the light at the end of the tunnel was a fire
Now I'm choking on the smoke in my lungs, I'm so tired
But I can't go to sleep with a mind that's so wired
You call that shit depression - I call it inspired
Talk is cheap when you speak the weak prose you're throwing
You're just a sheep in a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing's clothing
And the holes ain't closing, just exposing goatskin
This corrosion shows you can't control the motion
Shit, the romance is dead? Blame the hopeless romantics
Resigned to hopelessness their romantic plans with sycophantics
So I won't put the nice things we do on YouTube
Don't need the world the world to love me - I just need you to

[Hook x2]
The world don't revolve around you but it should
I ain't saying you're perfect, but you're really really good
Ain't saying I love ya but I probably could
[Verse 2]
I thought it was love but I was wrong
Tortured a dove just to prove Prince wrong - I love that song
I guess you broke my heart but it kinda needed breaking
And the grating exasperatings hating's already dissipating
"Love..it's a weird thing ain't it?" You're fucking right it is
Enlightened by the disquiet sight, I kinda like this shit
We fall in love with that which we project on each other
Then settle for reality or just reject one another
So I respect the motherfucker that reflects upon their lover
And then lets them walk away or resurrects and recovers
Way more than I respect those that just close up the shutters
And ignore the shitty shell within which both of them suffers
I wore my heart on my sleeve and you stole my fucking shirt
But go ahead and wear that shit - happiness of the absurd
These words divert the hurt and send me soundly to sleep
But every word I wrote I meant so fucking read 'em and weep

[Hook x2]