Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Nightbus Sleepers
[Verse 1]
As another evening ends late and night tailgates daybreak
Friends, mates and jailbait wait to relocate
As two drunk girls gyrate it just serves to frustrate
The crowd of guys that didn't vacate their prostate
I just observe as my headphones vibrate
It's so serene even when they make scrapes
There's always someone to placate the irate
And as it arrives the crowd waylays the N8
From the top deck I love this night time tour of the city
Seeing areas now vibrant where they used to be sh*tty
These used to be the streets of the broken homes
Now everybody dresses like Paloma Faith and Ebony Bones
When housing's cheap two types of people tend to then descend on it
First it's rough then the arty types start climbing up on it
Sometimes they mix well and sometimes these things are too phonic
If not discerning with their mouth they'll lose a tooth or two from it

[Hook x2]
I got a lot of love for the nightbus sleepers
A world away from the drunks and the tweakers
Sat there they prove there's still a place for the dreamers
I got a lot of love for the nightbus sleepers

[Verse 2]
She seems threatless like the b***erfly on her necklace
Something sets her separate from the homo-erectus
Sleeps sweet bliss, it's sweep infectious
Her hands become her pillow, comfortably ambidextrous
If you can hold your head when all around you are boisterous
Or quite the opposite late night back seat coitus
If you can hold your head despite the fact that you ain't conscious
Then in my eyes you are luminescent like phosphorus
So onwards sleeping beauties pay no heed to the real world
This can't compete with the scenes your dreams meld
Seems these routines just repeat can't be felled
Conveyor belt, in spite of sleeps cousin, it's upheld
Sleep, in spite of the light, the fights that might ignite
Sleep, resist the itch to sit and twitch and click your iPhone
Sleep, escape this place, let gla** replace your pillow case
Sleep, rest in peace and sleep in beauty
[Hook x2]