Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Last Train Home
[Verse 1]
I'm close I'm close I'm there! with 10 seconds to spare
And now I'm checking for chairs below the threatening stares
I've got my ticket my fare now there's sick in the air
On the last train home yo I don't wanna be there
I'll just pretend I'm on my phone son
Tall, dark and lonesome fools spark explosions
Drool marks their clothes on this mechanical Trojan
This journey is no fun
Keep myself to myself to get through this home run
And it's the same every time Which plays on my mind
I pray times will find escape from this grind
But fate seems inclined to make this a sign
Maybe I should've stayed home tonight
There ain't no luck in sight young mothers ruck 'n' fight
You think you hear disdain in my voice, you're motherfucking right
Carriage by carriage of disparaging savages
Each passenger manages the maximum damages

[Hook] x2
On the last train home and I don't wanna be here
They're either stinking of weed or they're stinking of beer
They're being loud and obscene or they're sitting in tears
No no this ain't my scene, yo I don't wanna be here

[Verse 2]
City city boys in power suits suits
Try to impose their roles upon the group
They're drunk and looking to fuel some fear
It's times like this I wish I didn't have this beard
See the last train is more stressful than flying
Which ain't to relaxing for me, I ain't lying
Since 9/11 this beard ain't travelled well
Act calm in customs or you'll end up in a holding cell
"So Mr. "Pip" what's your reason for travelling today?
"Come this way please sir..."

And when they asked if I was Jihad I said no no no
My passport and my visa I did show show show
Maybe I'm a miserable guy
But everywhere I look I see things I despise
Nah, I swear I ain't a miserable guy
It's just everywhere I look I see glazed over eyes
And the girls, man they're worse than the boys
Ten times as rowdy, ten times the noise
What may have looked good under neon lighting
On the last train home just looks straight up frightening
'Cos all that glitters ain't platinum
It's just the smoke and mirrors that's distracting 'em
They may be fine on their own, but with a pack of them
They terrorize from Tilbury to Dagenham
So I just sit there in silence
The only way to avoid all the violence
Writing rhymes in my mind inspired by them
It's either that or stand up and fight them
Speak instead of holla
Lead instead of folla
I plead and I implore ya
To leave this drunken squalor
The choice is there before ya
So grab it by the collar
Ah fuck, here's my stop...

[Hook] x4