Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Have you been there before?
'Cause I swear you look familiar
I stand scratching my head to make my thoughts a bit clearer
And you look at me
Like I'm a bad news dealer
But maybe you just know that I'm a soul revealer

Yeah, but maybe I'm wrong
So I just keep on walking
As I start to walk, I hear the people start t-talking
'Bout the boy with the distant stare and the walk
And the book held tight in his hands he keeps his thoughts in

As I walk, the talk, it fades into the distance
I start to ponder the true meaning of existence
It was once theorized the X and Y of existence
Are the feelings that you feel and levels at which you feel them
With this in mind, I had to put pen to paper
But even with this outlet, my mind began to waver
I looked up to find a muse my mind could use
A distraction from this sedulous mind abuse

So there she stood, my inappropriate object of desire
Just another inanimate object for me to cast into the mire
I don't know yet
But her visual's got me kinda transfixed
I look away, I'm drifting back to her lips
It's time to leave, so leave I did, I had to get the hell out of there
Before I scared this bright-eyed queen with my macho man power stare
I got home, unplugged the phone, and sat alone with my mind
Had the sweetest night's sleep in her eyes that night
See, this way I didn't ruin the illusion
When pursuing a muse, the chances are that you'll lose 'em
But even if you don't, they'll never live up to your expectation
I'd rather keep them in my dreams and draw for inspiration
But it's getting kinda crowded up there
And the boundaries of my mind, I think, are starting to tear
As the stronger realities start overtaking the meek, I'm like
Did I even leave my house this week..?