Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Reading My Dreams
She’s had such a long day and work has been stressful
As she arrives home to me weary and restful

To relax her I lead her to lay on the bed
And remove all the clothes from her waist to her head

My thumbs gently kneed the base of her back
And my nails trace patterns not leaving a scratch

My hands plot a wandering route up her spine
Then onto her shoulders to help her unwind

I pray the emotion is taking effect
As I lay a kiss upon the nape of her neck

She rolls onto her back her eyes squinted and dreamy
As I gaze at her smile and the beauty beneath me

I gently lean forward presenting a kiss
Onto the lips so long I have missed

When our eyes meet like this and it’s just like before
We both instantly realise we need nothing more

I adjust to rest upon her sweet breast
And on her torso more so
In each others arms and with interlocked hands
Lay two smiling faces and one set of plans