Compton’s Most Wanted
Rhymes Too Funky PT. 2
MC Eiht:
Now let me come back by saying I'mma show 'em
Fresh, funky rhythm is how my lines flowin'
Educated at a higher degree
Diploma of the streets as a down MC
I get kinda low, while pressure rises
As I start to unload with all kinda surprises
What an unusual, sort of creative
Punks want beef is your ultimatum
Not responsible, punk, of what happens to you later
Eiht'll get crazy, kill like a Terminator
I'm comin' to you gently, not too hyper
Spot you in the crowd, take you out like a sniper
So leave it up to Eiht cuz it's has to be done
Never feel safe without my nine hand gun
Not a soldier nor a trooper claim no name (of a chump?)
This a hard Compton lyricist puttin' in work
So all you sucka n***as, MC punk riders
All you sorry soft jacks, call yourself riders
Eiht knows the deal, got a scoop on your raps
So sucka hang it up because you gots no haps
I stand in one position, mind's start releasin'
Fresh dope rhymes, brothers start pleasin'

Tha Chill:
Hardcore brotha, (stags?) not included
Gave you a punching chance, damn, you blew it
Rhymes never thought of cuz I got rhythm
Lyrical madness is what I'm here to give 'em
The nine that I pack got a special permit
For taking out jacks that run with limp
Yo there's only money, dope rhymes hittin'
Eiht starts to taggin'
(Punk no kiddin')
The spot is in effect suckas here to trouble you
Hey Chill, Cool DJ and C.M.W
Wiping out rookies, pumpin' new breeze
Stop hype before the record, boy, don't be choosey
Wipe you in a second is how Tha Chill's livin'
I get most keys cuz girl's keep givin'
Got you on the ropes, start the 1-2 and
Trynna claim champ when cross starts brewin'
It's pretty obvious the Chill got the knack
So grab the MI6 and start a vicious attack
Suckas get hot, but Chill stays cooler
I've seen better rhymes written by a preschooler
I'm a teacher, schooling off punch (...?)
And as a student
You're supposed to listen to the lesson
Rhyme's funky!