Revel (It Was Never Meant To Be) lyrics

Ian Has Opinions

I have a gift
For the revolution boys
I prepared a little thing for us
Consider it a crown on the revolution's head
A token for us to win the bloodshed

Eret, what is this?

It's just a little farther down- six feet under if I remember well
Do you remember how things used to be?
Before we started all of this?
How I wanted to be rich
A crown on my head
The status I was born and bled
To be king

These chests are empty

So they are

Final control room? The revolution isn't over!

It is now

It was never meant to be
Don't you see how you're so terribly wrong?
It was never meant to be
So young and naive
You're merely subjects to royalty

Do you think that I'm wrong?
Well, who built your sacred walls?
Let's get a round of applause
For the man who made you strong
Don't you see that a king
Will always reign
Will always win

With a golden crown and a switch
I'll bring you down
Quick snap, quick fix
You never thought that I would betray
Just a testament
Just the covenant
Who'd have thought I'd get match play
One day
One night
The revolution falls
Down, down, down
With the revolutionary cause

And I'll revel
In my victory
You rebel
And it's cute that you thought that you could win
And I'll revel
And I'll revel- I'll revel in my win
It was never, never, never meant to be

It was never meant to be

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