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Precious Jewel Amor

What a fine day to be a king
But I don't have anything, I think
The first thing I'll be building is a
Home, home, home, home

I see them take back their land and
I see myself on their side and
I lost my crown, the people still singing
All hail the king (oh the people still singing)
All hail the king (oh)
All hail the king

What a nice way to have some fun
A normal day under the sun
Indeed a perfect day to build a
Home, home, home

If I can't have it, no one can
Burn it down, burn it down
Burn the place into the ground

I'm tired of building my precious thing
I hope it stays up
I'll bе going back to hibernating
I almost gave up

What a fine day to bе a king
But I don't have anything, I think
Except this little building called
My home

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