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The Last Ten Seconds of Life

"Machina Non Grata"

"If I go back, when I'm dead, to the state where I was before I was born, couldn’t I happen again? You know, what has happened once can very well happen again, If it happened once, it's extraordinary. And it's not really very much more extraordinary if it happened all over again. So, in other words, I do know for certain, because I’ve seen people die and I've seen people born after them, that at any rate, after I die not only somebody, but myriads of other beings will be born... that I know, we all know that, there's no doubt about it. But what worries us is that, when we're dead, there could be nothing at all for ever, as if that were something to worry about. Before you were born there was this same nothing at all for ever, and yet you happened. And if you happened once, you could happen again. Now what does that mean?"

This story has an end, but I'm not brave enough to write it yet
Put the words down on paper, have the blood quit pumping
I'll always be by your side!

All the shows and the late nights
Let these six strings never wear thin
Memorialized in sine waves
It was always gonna' come to this

As terminal lucidity sings to me
Circle back in death, I shall
Through sonic terror I will live forever
Out your speakers from the other side

Valhalla beware, begin to prepare
A fight I was never supposed to win
Let these mortal lines speak instead

"Heavy headed and still hungover
And jealousy is still hell
The rain never came, and it never will
Just the same"

"My reflection has no name
And the violent sound still rings out
Born with nothing to die the same"

"Yours truly..."

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