Renni Rucci & Kevin Gates
[Intro: Kevin Gates]
(Danny, I see you)

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
With my b*t*h in a Louis bag
Where the guns at? (Bom, bom)
In the Coupe with the roof detached
Where the slums at (Skrrrt)
In the booth. Hold up, who want rap?
Where the funds at? (Where it's at?)
My Lieutenant bout to send it
B*t*h I'm where the plug at

[Verse 2: Renni Rucci]
Big Renni
I was thinking back, I ain't have a penny
B*t*h n***a left me outchea flat, then I started stripping
I ain't tripping
I could run that back, I know how to get it
New n***a, all he talk is packs
Break it down, distribute

[Verse 3: Kevin Gates]
Hold up, bae
You get that rubber mallet?
Break the clumps out that
That's if you cook it
If you sеll it soft you take the chunks out that
Gon head, I'm looking
Brand nеw box of soda, we gon dump out that
Water boiling
Vroom and start your motor, watch it jump out that
[Verse 4: Renni Rucci]
Straight drop-off (What a whip)
I could make it (Look like grits)
Bae done taught me bout that H
This sh*t here gon' take a 6
Got that windshield in them bricks
I'ma let it go in zips
Keep your man out my DM 'fore I make him eat my d**k

[Interlude: Renni Rucci & Kevin Gates]
Bae, it's supposed to be doing that?
Yeah, it's 'posed to look like that
It's supposed to look, so this right?
I think it's sexy when you talking reckless
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 5: Renni Rucci]
G-Wagon, yellow brake pads
4 door Coupe, big gangsta (Gangsta)
Overcooked dope
Beige, off-white
These Instagram hoes faking (Faking)
Transparent unit, rock the lace one day
Sweat it out then change it (Ooh)
Start touching M's and my fake friends start telling me that I'm changing (Who?)
Who you gon' beat up? (When you want meet up?)
I'll put your feet in the air (Forreal)
Who you getting loud with? (Know I'm a stylist)
I'll put that heat in your hair (Steel)
Hold up, let me change the subject
Switch positions, park the 'Lac truck
My n***a real, I tell him give me d**k and arch my a** up
[Verse 6: Kevin Gates]
From the smack you throwing it back
Bae, I ain't know you was cut like that
I'm pulling your hair, I spit in your a**
And knowing you liking it rough like that
My stamina cool, we wake up at 4 in the morning and catch us a vibe in the gym
We go to the studio, make us a movie
Pre-order some food by the time that it end
Informing my goons I play by the rules
Reservation for 2 at a private event
Clutching a tool, don't get it confused
You finally done got around one of them men
Too much to lose
I make a major mistake it could make me go back to the pen
I play it smooth
Yellow brick caliber, jump out the AMG Benz while it ring
Captain Dan, private charter, we (Sailing)
Private chef, our dinner get (Catered)
Private shooter, on the roof with a (Gator)
500, I'ma move with a (Trailer)
Load in, when it come get it (Crated)
Load out, hit the road, get it (Freighted)
Campaign, in a suit with a (Trainer)
Champaign, in the loop with a (Gangsta)
Transportation got 'em flying in
Do the same thing if you're buying 10
Reputation die when your grind end
Got a fish hook with a lining
Like a Swiss watch with the diamonds
I cannot tell what the time is
Pull strings like a violin
[Outro: Kevin Gates]
Damn, we ran outta beat?