KYOTTO & SushiKing
Factory Flaws
[Verse 1:]
You told me you were broken
From the start
You used your hand
To put mine to your heart
And said I can't feel this
I'm not sure I exist
You spoke of all the trouble
In your town
Too prevalent for you
To step around
Forcing you to bury
A burden too heavy
You warned me of
The potential cost
Of losing myself
To those who are lost
I said it's much better
To be lost together
And devote ourselves
To a dream
And never fall Into routine
To keep our lines open
And live with what's broken
I know you're in pieces
You know I'm at sea
But something about you
Keeps calling to me
I know all your secrets
You know all of mine
The past is the past
And it's better
Left behind
Your crooked paws
Your factory factory flaws
Your highs
Your lows
I love it all
More than you know

Your whirl
Your woe
Your factory factory clothes
Your crooked glow
I love it all more than you know