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[Verse 1: B.A.S.]
b*tch my flow spitting like hi-hats-
Itchy clothes, V-Lone can’t buy that-
Ditching hoes, where the surprise at-
Flipping dough, where do I sign at-
You can not f*ck with the beat
You know i have been leaking
Dripping, these b*tches be sleeping
Spinning 360 degrees
-100 and dough be pre-heating

[Verse 2: Biggie D Nick]
b*tch n*ggas snitchin'
n*ggas acting loyal
Then they be dippin
pus*y n*ggas runnin
You see the sweat drippin’
But when we catch up
There's gon’ be hard hitting
And when we're hard hitting
There's gon’ be blood drippin’
And when there's blood drippin’
These pussies be snitchin
And while they are snitchin'
My n*ggas be sippin'
They also be drippin'
Now listen me spitting-

[Verse 3: B.A.S.]
We on the track spit automatic
Any of these semi's can suck on my di*k
Will you ever get a flow for me
Milfs are not even blowing me
b*tch no we are not close to dramatic yeah
Please Get that I am a flowing fanatic but
All these rappers are acting asthmatic yeah
All these rappers are problematic
Problem? Panic. Rappers don't know that our plan is
Flawless and massive
Words lining up like a crash is
Causing the traffic pausing and panic

[Verse 4: Biggie D Nick]
No we're not stupid don't call us dumb
We're just some n*ggas rapping for fun
I finger your mother with both of my thumbs
Then she go ride me, i'll fill her with c*m
Don't mess around or you can get sum
Just a click clack done

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