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"Battle Rap Montage"

[Host: Freddie Hustle/Andy Milonakis]
What's good y’all? It's your host Freddie Hustle. We about to get it crackin' for the inaugural event of Freddie Hustle entertainment. Let’s get this battle started. Battler to my right

I said yo
Ya mom's pus*y got one star on her Yuck review

[The Groom/Rone]
I didn't even come to battle, I just have a question to ask of my girl
Would you do me the honor...of making me the happiest man in the world?

[Choke Artist/Madness]
I make him double up in the middle like a tummy tuck
Shotty will blow his guts out that's a stomach pump
Stomach pump...stomach pump...

Wait I got it...

Stomach pump

[White Racist/Pat Stay]
I'll probably lift him off his feet if I aim my Glock
And that's the first time a black guy will get raised by pops!

[The Groom/Rone]
I just want you to be my boo, K?
I even got you this bouquet
You like guns? We can go shopping together
I'll buy my boo K's

And your girl uses Dijion Mustard when she eat her boogies
I’ll show up at ya grandma’s open casket and give that b*tch a nuggie!

[White Racist/Pat Stay]
His sister got mad kids, just had another couple
And every time he's like, "Damn, well I’ll be a monkey's uncle"

[Choke Artist/Madness]
Shotty will blow his guts out that's a stomach pump
And your girl's memory foam mattress remembers that she’s a f*ckin' sl*t!

f*ck what was my next line?!

[Host: Freddie Hustle/Andy Milonakis]
Alright, rapper to my left, let's go, get 'em

[Che Corleone]
You a comedian like John Belushi, Chris Farley, Robin Williams
If you haven't figured it out by now
Save us all some time and kill yourself RIGHT NOW!

[Devine Wright]
You ain't gettin' married, you gettin' buried
But you still dress suitable n*gga
I'll let each gun ring twice {blaow blaow blaow!}
That's Four Weddings And A Funeral n*gga!

This dude forgot all the rhymes he studied, call him Sway, he don't know the answers
He's like a kid's warning label, this toy is a choking hazard

[Ben Grym]
So you wanna talk that racist sh*t?
I know your girl and I'm pimpin' the thot
It's a reverse slavery auction, I'll put yo' b*tch on the block!

[Devine Wright]
Shoot him then check for the body shakes
That's how you can tell that the death's gripped him
It's like a good ass orgasm
One bust will have your legs twitchin'

You're so fat that you ran outta breath downloading the app to count your steps
If you were on house arrest you'd have to take walking breaks to give your house a rest

[Che Corleone]
If he was really provokin', he woulda seen all types of colors
Cause for the kill I'd a scoped (kaleidoscope) him

Get it? All types of colors. "Kaleidoscoped him"...See y'all get it

[MC Goggles]
Yo, yo, check it-!

Shut the f*ck up!
You little squirmy little Reddit blogger!
Another Eminem impostor
Refers to Elton John as his "second father"
Bob Saget-Rick Moranis-Kelly Osbourne-white trash genetic monster!
Probably conceived in the back of a Led Zeppelin concert
If Harry Potter had sex with Jeffrey Dahmer, you'd be their lesbian daughter!
The f*ck are you!?
A little f*ckin' state prison, f*ckin' RAPE VICTIM!?
He's the new face of racism
I'm surprised he didn't show up here today with a slave with him, chained to him!
He hates African-American culture 'cause he was raised different!
He hates Clinton, Abe Lincoln...pretty much anybody that can relate with him, except Blake Griffin!
He feels a little bit more safe with him 'cause they share the same pigment!
b*tch! Hip-hop was meant for MINORITIES!
It's NEVER been for you geeky asses!
Matter fact, what are these!?
Your little f*cking reading glasses you need for your English classes!?!?
Man, I'll stomp these into PIECES, in FRAGMENTS!
And now you can KEEP them! He can have this!
Now you can complete your dream of being this genius math whiz 'CAUSE EVERYTHING YOU SEE'S IN FRACTIONS!!

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