Akeem Ali
Keemy Casanova
Right on, baby
Right on
I could take you far baby
You are now tuned into the soft sounds of
Keemy Casanova

Mack daddy lemme get it started
Talk my sh*t better
Fat n***a on a fraternity
I'm a big stepper
I'm plain Jane, all y'all rock is designer
B*t*hes throw pussies at me
All I rock is v*****s
I just be laid back
All I got is recliners
I went and joined the Navy
Sh*t, all I got is Rihanna
You Jive Turkeys is frivolous
I'm a light, this a filament
Slip the disc, I'm a krill in it
I ain't feeling it
I'm a pimp in the night
Skin glisten and I
Be in yo kitchen making grits
And putting d**k in your wife
Keemy casanova
The flow done got colder than Nova Scotia
I'm rolling my motion
Making your hoe let me motorboat her
I'm a pimp type n***a
With a mouthpiece
B*t*hes tell me I'm a made n***a
Like a housekeep
She remove my clothes
And on the floor is where her blouse be
Most of my b*t*hes
Can't do a f**king thing without me (believe it)
Macking exquisite
Don't believe in smacking my b*t*hes
I just cut 'em off
And put other ratchets back in position
I'm a mathematician
Subtracting and adding my digits
I need accuracy
So don't you be distracting my business
I'm a Mack with the accolades to prove it
I tell all my b*t*hes on a Saturday to move it
And I done seen 'em all
From the South of Cackalacky
Mississippi, Arkansas
And back to Tallaha**ee
I'm groovier than most players
The slow stroker
The throat slayer
Probably somewhere up in your hoe, playa
And I keep a switchblade
For n***as who get serious
Cause if I break a nail on yo a**
I'mma be furious
If n***as slacking on they macking
And I'm packing what they lacking
Then his hoe will be contacting me
For casual relaxing
Seducing a hoe is something that I'm usually for
But I'm eating charcuterie
And putting juice in my 'fro
Just pimp on

Baby, if you pimp on you can pimp strong
In an effort to pimp long
And a n***a like me can take you far baby
Keemy Casanova
Show your right baby
Show you right
(Right on, right on)