DJ Chose & Megan Thee Stallion
Of Whatever
Yo they say I shouldn't be rapping
I don’t wanna hear that anymore
I keep these bars to the side of a cactus
If they sent it out where the f*ck would it go
Yo I don’t think they understand it yet
But I’m the answer to the question they've been asking
Right, I don’t think they understand it yet
I’m just the answer to the ma***cript
There's no lamb in it, there's no majesty here
They can't hold us down forever there’s no gravity here
A category is just another story
A genre is just a line bruh
Such a theatrical master, whatever
Whatever is whatever, whatever is clever
Whatever can make the seed turn to effort
No more taking any half measures
They never get the logic till they under pressure
(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Yo just concentrate on your music
What I’m doing isn't fair to you
Right, they bout to tell me I’m not your music
But trust me, I’ll never ever compare to you
I’m twenty five but it’s like I’m nineteen
The same pipe dreams I used to have
When I saw all the lights gleam
Look where’s headed now
I must indebted all the friends that I all enemies now
The jealousy and envy is truly the recipe now
They better be ready and prepared to fill my destiny now
The vengeance is wild I’m spitting them down
They’ll never figure me out
Killing them softly in a lyrical style
It’s crazy right, how these muhf*ckas think they made me
But cannot look me in the eyes whenever they face me
Me being the music, me being the one who compose all that new sh*t
I’m sick of being tired
I’m tired of being sick of all these liars
It’s like they egos renewed and their pride has expired
So I’m looking for a way out
The only thing that I can say now is whatever
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (Is whatever, Is whatever) [Repeat]