Capella Grey
Gyallis Remix

Lil Shatter: Its the remix, yuh!

Lil Shatter & Capella Grey:
(Its the remix, yuh!)
I see her
She came with her n***a
Mmm, but she gon' slide right to my side, I know
She pulled up with her friends
Then we skrrt off in the Benz, oh
Took her back to my crib
And I regret it
She trynaaaaaa

Verse 1:
Ye, she a try style me (try style me)
But who she a malice, yow mi get get di p***y free
'ohhh nah', she for the team
I smash her she was screaming like its f*ckin Halloween
A lot of freaky baddies just wah call me
'Why suh much gyal just wah smash me?'
Me stay too clean so doh try me, but dem a treesh dem wah my money

Verse 2:
Jamaican vibes, its vibe, coastin ye mi outside
Ye me out and stuntin'
Gyal by mi side, ye mi never ago be boastin'
But like kofee ye me beeeeee toastin', yeah
Yow mi a gyallis, a dat she want, she need
Yow gyal one by one ago breed
Gyallis from extra lesson, jus teach
Verse 3:
Ye, I'm on an island like a gyallis
Sit back, relaxing, drinking rum in a Chalice
Ohhhh ye,i like she and she and sheeee
Dis gyal obsessed with meee
And this b*tch yeah ratchet to meee
Next b*tch really wanna f*ck me
I know I'm gonna beat the p***y like karateeee

Verse 4:
Cause she just wah f*ck with the melody, give her the Smirnoff
A little bit of Hennessey (Hennessey)
Up in har system, Yow mi ago give her di remedy
If she wah smash, let it beeeeee ye (let is bee-eeee ye)
Mi a big gyallis and mi deh a Kingston aye! aye
Ye, Jamaica,Half Way Tree, gyallis!